David Scott Shihan (7th dan) is the senior instructor in, and Aikikai representative for, South Australia. With over 45 years training experience in Australia and around the world. Scott Sensei is constantly seeking new understandings of this art and is considered one of SA's foremost Aikido practitioners. The main method and inspiration of Aikido that Scott Sensei follows are that of Sugano Shihan, whom he has trained with and followed for more than 40 years. However, Scott Sensei's training repertoire of experiences also includes being uchideshi (live-in student) to Saito Sensei of the Iwamaryu (Iwama style) for a short time, as well as having trained with several other top ranking instructors in Japan and abroad.

Peter (Upi) Weston (6th dan) has been training for 36 years with over 30 years of that under the direction of Sugano Shihan. Upi was the chief instructor at the Flinders University dojo for more than 10 years. Upi has trained regularly with Scott Sensei whose approach closely follows the teachings of Sugano Shihan. Upi and the other senior members of our organisation were considered by Sugano Shihan to be among his personal students and they trained with him whenever he visited Australia for Aikikai Australia national events. This privilege was rare and only opened to Aikikai Australia members.