Do you run beginners’ classes?

At this time, we do not have designated beginners' class. New students are welcome to watch and join in our regular classes.

What does Aikido training involve?

Stretching and calisthenics, basic rolling, traditional 'hand-to-hand' techniques, training with weapons, as well as meditation and misogi breathing techniques.

Is there a grading system?

Yes, eligible students can undergo grading four times a year (twice for kyu grades and twice for dan grades)*. Black belts are issued by Aikikai Australia. They are recognised internationally and entered into the Aikido world headquarters register in Tokyo, Japan.

*Click here for more information on grading requirements.

What type of clothing do I need to wear?

Students may initially choose to train in loose, comfortable sportswear. The removal of jewellery, watches, earrings, rings and hair clips before class is recommended to prevent injury to oneself and others. Any cuts or wounds should be properly covered and it is also courteous to ensure that hands and feet are clean before training.

Is there an age requirement to participate in Aikido?

No. Although Aikido training can be vigorous, people of all ages are encouraged to participate according to their own fitness level. Aikikai welcomes the involvement of families in the dojo. Parents who wish to accompany with their children are welcome to watch the kids' classes held on Wednesday evenings. These classes are supervised by qualified Aikido instructors.

Can I come along and watch?

Absolutely! Observers are welcome in the dojo at anytime. There is no obligation to become a member and we welcome public interest. All we ask is that you remove your shoes before stepping onto the mat surface and training area, and that any children that may accompany you are supervised at all times.